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Our Love Story And then we hav▓e to learn to

manage these disagreements,"▓

ular channel of diplomacy▓ with Ukraine, where T▓rump urged the probe of ▓Democratic p▓residential hope▓ful Joe Bi▓den and his son Hu▓nter Biden.P▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on ▓InstagramPlease scan▓ the QR Code to fol▓low us on Wech▓atThe U.S. House Co▓mmittee on Intelligence held the fi▓rst public hearing Wednesday ▓since House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump in Septem▓ber to deter

mine whether he abused his office i▓n his interactions with ▓Ukraine.U.S. House holds first public hearing in Trump impea▓chment inqui▓ryU.S. House holds first public hearing in Trump impeachment inquiry1▓1-14-2019 10:09 BJT▓WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 -- The U.S. House Committee on Int▓elligence ▓held the first public hearing Wednesday sin▓ce House Democ▓rats launche▓d an impeachment▓ inquiry into Presi▓dent Donald Trump in Sept▓ember to determin▓e whether he abus▓ed his office in▓ his inter▓actions with Ukrain▓e.Appearing

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he said. 

for the inaugural public hearing were William Ta▓ylor, Charge d'Affairs of the U.S. Embass▓y in Ukraine, and George Kent, deput▓y assistant ▓secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs▓. Taylor and Ke

Please sca
n the ▓The Beginning Is Always Fun and Games

QR Code to fol

nt both a▓ttended cl▓osed-door de▓positions with Ho▓use lawmakers in October, during which they voice▓d concerns about the president▓'s dealings wi▓th Kiev.In his prepared opening ▓statement, House I▓ntelligence Com

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?InstagramPlease sc

mitte▓e Chairman ▓Adam Schiff, a▓ California Democ▓rat and Trump's frequent target of attacks since the ▓impeachment proceedings began, said impeachment investigators are seeking answers▓ from witnesses whether

▓an the Q

tFormer U.S. Ambas▓

Trump leveraged ▓a White House meeting ▓with Ukrain▓ian President Vol▓odymyr Zele▓nsky and millions of U.S. dollars ▓in military aid to the country to pressure the Ukrain▓ian leader t▓o investigate Tr▓ump's polit

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But The Best Part Of Our Lifes Is Just Starting...

kraine Marie Yovan

ical rivals."And if President Trump did either, whether such an abus▓e of his p▓ower is compatible▓ with the office ▓of the preside▓ncy?" Schiff said. "The matter is ▓as simple, and as terrible as that."Schiff

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To Be Continued...
The Bride's Side Frid▓ay testified to the Hou?/span>

坰e Intellig▓ence Committee ▓in an ongoing i

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mpe▓achment inquiry int

s▓aid "there▓ are still missing pieces" in the chain of events relati▓ng to the Ukraine controversy▓, despite the evidence gathered from previous

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bride's dad
▓o President Donald Tru

depositions by subpoenaed witnesses. He accused Trump of stonewalling the▓ impeachment e▓ffort by instructing government agencies ▓to ignor

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mp's dealin▓gs with Ukraine.F

e congressio▓nal subpoenas for d▓ocuments and prohibiting witnesses ▓from appearing for testimonies as requested by House commit▓tees."These actions will force Congress to consider," the cha▓irman said, "whether Trump's ob▓struction of the ▓constitutional duties of Congress c▓onstitute additi▓onal grou

bride's maid
orm▓er U.S. ambassador ▓to U

nds ▓for impeachment▓."Devin Nu▓nes, ranking member of the Intelligence Committee and the top Republican on the▓ panel, in his opening remark▓s slammed the De▓mocrats' impeachment effort as an▓ orchestrated smear c▓ampaign agai▓nst Trump."We're supposed to take these people at face value when they tr

bride's maid
kraine te▓stifies over Hous

ot out a new batch of alleg▓ations, but anyone familiar with the Democrats' scorched-earth war against President Trump would not▓ be surprised to see all the typical signs that th▓is is a carefully orchestrated med▓ia smear campaign," Nunes said▓.He criticiz▓ed the Democrats for "pushing impeachment▓

The Groom's Side e impeachment inquiryFormer

U.S. ambassador to Ukraine testifies ove

groom's mom
r H▓ouse impeachment ▓

forward with▓out the backing of a sing▓le Republican." ▓The Democratic-controlled House on Oct. 31 passed a resolution formalizin▓g the impeach▓me

the groom
groom's dad

nt inquiry wit▓h no Republican m▓embers voting▓ for it.Nunes listed three "crucial quest▓ions" the GO▓P expected for ▓the hearings: ▓The full extent of

groom man

Democratic coordination with the whistl▓eblower whose revelation of the T▓rump-Ukraine▓ interactions triggered the impeachment inquiry; the extent of Ukra▓ine's meddling in Trump's 2016 campaign; and th▓e reason for the Ukrainian▓ energy comp▓any Burisma to hire▓ former Vice President Joe Biden's son H

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ov. 15 -- Former U.S

unter, as▓ well as whet▓her Hunter's pos▓ition affected government actions of the ▓administration of former President Barack▓ Obama.Kent, the S▓tate Department off▓icial, said in▓ his opening statement t▓hat he raised concerns as ea▓rly as February 2015 about Hunter Biden's status as▓ a board member at B

groom man
. Ambassador to Uk

urisma "cou▓ld create the perception of a conflict of interest," stressing, howev▓er, that he "did not witness any effo▓rts by any U.S. ▓official to shield Burisma from scrutiny."Trump asked Z▓elensky in a phone call on July▓ 25 to "look into" how Joe Biden "st▓opped the p▓rosecution" of Burisma. In Jan

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vitch on Fr▓iday

uary 2018, Biden told an event at the Council on Fore▓ign Relations how he in 20▓16 pressured t▓he Ukrainian authorities to f▓ire Viktor Shokin, the country's forme▓r prosecutor general who was leading the inv▓estigation i▓nto Burism▓a at the time.Ken▓t also told the committee that he became aware ▓of efforts by Trum▓p's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and h▓is associates to "run a campaign to smear"

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    diploma▓ts at the U.S

    . embassy in Kie

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    v, inclu

    ding former

坈e Committ▓e

▓U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yo▓vanovitch wh▓o was ousted in May. He said it "became clea▓r" to him that "Giu▓liani'

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e in an ongo

s efforts to gin up?/p>


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tivated investigatio

ns were no▓w infe

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int▓o Presi

cting U.S. en▓gagemen

t w▓ith Ukraine."

dent Don

ald Trump's dea

It wa▓s "unexpected, and most unf▓ortunate," that▓ Americans ▓"launch attacks▓ on dedicated public servants adv▓

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lings with Uk▓

ancing U.S. inter▓est

s in Ukrai▓ne," K

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ent said▓, adding tha

▓t "those at▓tac

said she
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ks undermined U.S. a

nd Ukrainian nat

d with ?/a>
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Blog Model 1 坅 "smear campaign" adva

nced b▓y Trump's personal lawyer ▓Rudy Giuliani and

ional i▓nterests and damaged our c▓ritical bilateral relationship."Taylo▓r, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, ▓testified that in mid-July "it was becoming clear" to him that a meeting with Trump at the Whit▓e House that Zelensky want▓ed "was conditioned on▓ the investigations ▓of Burisma and al▓leged Ukrainian i▓nterference in the 2016 U.S. ele▓ctions." He ad▓ded that the condition "was ▓driven by the ir

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regular policy channel I had come▓ to understand was ▓guided by Mr. Giuliani."Taylor told lawmakers in his open▓ing statement t▓hat withholding▓ security assistance to Ukraine "in exchange for help with a domestic political campaign in the United State▓s would be crazy.▓"He said he, on

r▓ie Yovano
We Bought a House, You Guys!
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Sept. 1, was "a▓larmed" after hearing for the first time from Tim Morrison, the top Russia and Europe adviser o▓n the National Security Counci

vitch went 
High Standards
turned bad.
Of Maids and Men
Jan 1, 2013 | Category Four

l, that n▓ot only the White H▓ouse meeting betwee▓n Trump and Zel▓ensky, but ▓also the secu▓

..the new
Effective Teamwork
Dec 28, 2012 | Category One
Ukrainian P
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rity assista▓nce to Ukraine "was cond▓itioned on the inves▓tigations."When asked t▓o elaborate on that comment, Taylor said "the White House meeting was one thi▓ng, security ▓assistance was mu▓ch more alarming.▓"Revealing a▓ new piece of i▓nformation

resident sp
Things Our Parents Say
Dec 23, 2012 | Category Two

about Trump's alleged pursuit for investigations from Ukraine,▓ Taylor said▓ a staffer of his was with U.S. Ambassador▓ to the Eu▓ropean Union (EU) Gordon Son▓dland when the latter called Trump fr▓om a restaurant in W▓arsaw, Poland, on July 26 to i

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rably about
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nform the president of his meetings in Kiev. That was one day after▓ Trump made th▓e controvers▓ial phone call wit▓h Zelensky that has been at ▓the center of the impeachment investigation."The member o▓f my staff could he▓ar President Trump on the

her in my
Blog Model 2 secon▓d phone call with

him," Trump twe▓eted during her test▓imony.When asked

 phone, aski▓ng Ambassador S▓ondland about 'the investigations,'" Taylor sai▓d. "Ambassador Sondland told President Trump that the Ukra▓inians were r▓eady to move forward."Taylor sai▓d he didn't give the▓ account duri▓ng his Oct. 22 d

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abou▓t Trump's tweet, Yovanovit?/a>

eposition because he w▓as only told about the episode last Friday.Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, used h▓is question▓ing opportunity to challenge the accuracy ▓of Taylor's testimony as the diplomat's narration of events was mos▓tly based on second-han▓d information. Citing the testimony from Sondland, the EU ambassador, Jordan said to Taylor: "

We've got six peo▓ple having four conversat

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坈h said, "It's very intimi▓datin

▓ions in one sent▓ence and you told me this is where you got your clear und▓erstanding.""It's a witch hunt, i▓t's a hoax," Tr▓ump said Wedn▓esday afternoo▓n, repeating the characteri▓zation of the public hearing he used recently. "I'▓m too busy to watch it. So, I'm sure I'll get a▓ report," h▓e told reporters in▓ a meeting with Turk▓ish President Recep

Tayyip Erdogan at the▓ White House.▓White Ho

blog photo 3

g.""I think the effect is to be▓

use Press Secre▓tary Stephanie Grisham said ear▓lier in the da▓y Trump was ▓not watchi▓ng the hearing and▓ was instead having meetings Wednesd▓ay morning. Yet, the president was constan▓tly tweeting and▓ retweeting about what was happening on Capitol Hill.▓Trump's tweets include video clips of the hearing as well as critical comments from Republ▓icans

. In tw▓o separate morning tweets, the presid

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intimidatin▓g," she added.▓ "I act

ent▓ called the▓ two witnesses "NEVER TRUMPERS" and ▓urged impeachm▓ent investigator▓s to "READ THE T▓RANSCRIPT" of his call with Zele▓nsky that has b▓een released by the White House.Grisham said on Twitter the witnesses "can't provide▓ any first h▓and knowledge of any wrongdoing" by Trump, and "have never even spoken" with the president during the impea

chment inquiry.H▓er claims were refuted by

Gallery Model 1 ual▓ly think that w▓here I've ▓served o

ver the years, I and others demonstrab▓ly have

Chris Murp▓hy, Democratic senat▓or from Connecticut,▓ who tweeted that "plenty of p▓eople who talked directly to Trump about the extorti▓on, and th▓e White House know▓s this because th▓ey have refus▓ed to allow a▓ny of them to te▓stify."Please scan the QR Code to ▓follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on W▓echatChina on Tuesday refuted remarks by U.S. and British officials regarding

Gallery Model 2 uction of inquiry ▓very serious▓ly," H

ouse Intelligence Committee Ch▓airman Adam ▓Schi

the lat▓est riot in Hong Kong, calling the▓ remarks a r▓eflection of hypocrisy and double stand▓ards.China refute▓s U.S., U.K. remarks▓ on Hong Kong violenceChina refutes U.S., U.K. remarks on Hong Kong▓ violence11-13-2019 1▓0:04 BJTBEIJING, Nov▓. 12 -- Ch▓ina on Tuesday ref▓uted remarks by U.S. and British officials regarding the latest ▓riot in Hong Kong, calling the rema▓rks a refle▓ction of hypocrisy

Registry ff sai▓d in the reces▓s.In a quick response, Whi

and double standards.It was reported that an unnamed senior U.S. off▓icial said Monday the U.S. c▓ondemned "unjust▓ified use of deadly force" in▓ Hong Kong violenc▓e, claiming the police an▓d civilians alike "have a res▓ponsibility to de-es▓calate and avoid violent confr▓ontations."The statement was mad▓e after a ▓Hong Kong police officer shot a protester who attem▓pted to snatch his gun.U.K. Prime Mi

te Ho▓use press secretar▓y Stephan

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ie Grisham ▓dismiss

nister's Downing Street Office ear

ed Dem
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ocrats' claim that

lier also urged all sid▓es to be ca

the pre
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siden▓t's tweet amo

lm and exercise rest▓raint, add▓in


to witness int▓imidatio

g that the prime ministe▓r supported▓ "the right to peaceful protests.▓""If you watch the video clip, you wi▓ll see clearly t▓hat the rioters assaulted the police▓ first and

n."The tw▓eet w as not w
itness intimid atio▓n,
it was simply t ▓he Pre
sident's opini on, whic
Guest Book h he▓ is entitled to. This is▓ not a trial, it

is a partisan political process

guest 1
Michael Fields -- or to put it more ac

the officer's response w▓as fully lawful," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng▓ Shuang said.Geng told a press

guest 2
Michael Fieldscurately, a totally illegi

briefing that grabbing pol?/p>

guest 3
Michael Fieldstimate, charade stacked▓

坕ce firearms, assaulting or threatening off

guest 4
Michael Fieldsagainst the Presid▓ent," Gr

icers on duty were▓ absolutely forb▓idden

guest 5
Michael Fieldsisham said ▓in a statement.

in any country and w▓ould be de

guest 6
Michael FieldsOutside the hearing,▓ som

alt with ▓strong police forc▓e."I want to ask the U.S. and British ▓officials: H▓ow would their police deal w▓ith similar situ▓ations in t▓heir countries?" Geng said.Speaking about a civilian who was set on fire by ri

e Republican la▓wmake

oters for publicly expr▓essing his objections to ▓vandalism by the rioters, Geng sai▓d the remarks from Washington and ▓London exposed their hypocrisy and double st

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h, saying the president was not ▓going to sit back

andards."If they truly o▓ppose violenc▓e and call fo▓r restraint, lik▓e what they said, then why didn't they strongly condemn such attack on ordinary civilians?"Geng called attention to the fact that the U.S. government official refu▓sed to reveal his name. "I'm afraid t▓hey felt embarrassed themselv▓es in making such ▓remarks.""Ending violence and restori▓ng order i▓s the paramo▓unt task in Hong Kong,"

without defending himself, local media reported.How?/h4>

坋ver, Rep

ublican lawmak
er Liz Cheney
said Trump was w

rong to twee

t cr▓iticism of Y
ov▓anovitch during▓

her testimon

y▓ since th

e diplomat▓ "clearly is s

Geng said, urging the U.S. and the U.K. to respect China's sovereignty and exercis▓e prudence on Hong Kong-related is▓sues and stop meddling in China's internal affairs. ▓Please scan the QR Code to fo▓llow us on InstagramPlease scan th▓e QR Code to follow us on WechatChina w▓elcomes the▓ U.S. government'▓s move to confirm the equivalence of poultr▓y products insp▓ection syst▓ems between the two coun▓tries, the General Administration of C

Events Attending om▓ebody who'▓s been a public s▓e
't think the president should ha
ve done that," ▓Cheney was quoted as saying